About The Bullyvard


hEy d00d tihs show wuz c0bbled tegehtor by two fwor yeer oldz l0cked inna b@sem3nt wiht vokda n whorez.


Translation:  Bullyvard is a half hour animated series produced by Soundmax Live, which sternly denies any alleged involvement with two year olds locked in basements with vodka and whores.


Soundmax Live is connected to musicians.  Soundmax Live provides a web community and marketplace for musicians to upload, promote, and sell their own work online.


Bullyvard is an animated impressionist act – a fast-paced hall of mirrors, where street culture looks at street culture looking at street culture.


Or at least, that's what we tell the investors.  They eat that  __________ up.


In all seriousness, though, we aim squarely at “funny now, thought-provoking later.”  We loved coming into adulthood watching adult-oriented cartoons that mocked whole worldviews between commercial segments, without ever losing an advertiser.  Now, we're giving back to our favorite targeted niche – musicians and street culture.


So there, __________, it's art and it's got market potential.  Now quit being nosy, and go watch cartoons.  Or if you like us so much, why not buy some god damned merch?



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